The Simple ABC’s of Living Happy

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Awareness is the secret to being human.

Break through fear. Be Bold.

Create your life through powerful ideas and emotions.

Decide to be happy. Dedicate your life to it.

Expect the unexpected and don’t fight reality.

Forget the past.

Grow your mind by doing less, feeling more.

Help others and you will help yourself.

Instinct is your own North Star, feel it and follow it.

Juxtapose your work with your passions.

Kill hate and fear with appreciation and gratitude.

Love yourself first. Always.

Meditate daily even if you hate it and watch what happens.

Never underestimate your own abilities and influence on others.

Open your mind to new things on a regular basis. Break the norm.

Play with your passions. Ponder realistic dreams.

Quit your bad habits. Quit anything that is killing you on the inside.

Read. Relax. Relate with others.

Surprise yourself by facing your fears.

Talk less. Listen more.

Undress and remove the needless weights in your life.

Vent frustrations and release emotions out of your body.

Walk. Wonder. Write out your life.

X is for crossing paths with the right people at the right time.

You only live once. There is no dress rehearsal in life.

Zzzzz’s. Sleep often and sleep well.

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