If you have never heard of Byron Katie, she is the real deal. I’ve read her books and her transformation process on thinking called, “The Work” is simply profound and life-changing.

Below, you will be able to actually witness her and watch what she does. I find the videos very enriching and profound. Notice how Katie so masterfully breaks down THOUGHTS and disconnects them. I think anyone can relate, on so many levels, to what is going on in the videos below…


Ask for what you want in your life, all ego aside.
Ask for it on a regular basis, daily if possible.
Ask as if you already see or feel it coming your way.
Ask not out of greed, but out of a passive attitude.
Ask not out of pure yearning, but out of surrender.


Wait and go about your life.
Wait and keep what you have asked for in your heart.
Wait as patiently as mothering a growing child.
Wait with confidence.
Wait with curiosity.

Be Aware…

Be aware of the things you see.
Be aware of the things you hear.
Be aware of the people that come into your life.
Be aware of the unexpected.
Be aware of shifts towards the thing you asked for.

Take Action…

Take action on the smallest opportunites.
Take action when your heart says “yes”.
Take action despite your ego.
Take action despite your fear.
Take action and watch doors open for you.


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