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Where can I see a list of all the products you offer?

We have created one single page that lists all of our brainwave entrainment audio tracks for you. You can visit them here. Simply look over the page and pick out which audio tracks will work best for you. As we add more products to our site, we will list the links here for you as well.

How much do your products costs? Where can I order?

Every product of ours has a different price. Feel free to browse over our product page and pick the product you like. One the product page you will see the various formats for the products and the related prices.

What is your product guarantee? What about refunds?

We stand behind every single product we produce. Your satisfaction is our #1 priority and this will never change. We offer a full 60 day money back guarantee on all products. If you are not satisfied, we are not satisfied…it’s as simple as that. To get a full refund, please return all physical items to: Vervante Returns | 400 North Geneva Road | STE C | Lindon, Utah | 84042. We do not refund return shipping costs. For digital item refunds, simply contact us here with your order information within 60 days of purchase. Each and every customer is unique and important to us. We also give full support behind all products and answer all emails or customer inquiries.

How will I be billed for my purchase?

All purchases made on are done through one of the best and most secure payment companies in the world, in conjuction with The company name is

Where can I read more about your company?

You can read more about who we are here and also our mission with our products.

Are my orders secure?

YES. All orders are only processed through secure servers and

Can I listen to a sample of an audio before I buy?

Absolutely. Simply visit the audio product you want to test, and click on the “Listen to a Sample” tab on that page. There you will be able to listen to a 30 second sample of the audio track. Also, be sure to download our FREE beginners guide and MP3 “Inner Tranquility”. You can get it here.

How long does it take to get my order? Can I track it?

All download orders you will get access to instantly! If you order a CD item, the time to get to your door can vary depending on where you live. CD’s ship out within 3-5 business days after purchase from our processing facility. We ship the majority of CD shipments via USPS, 1st Class for items less than one pound, Priority Mail for over one pound and International Airmail. When your orders are shipped, you will receive a shipping confirmation email notifying you that the product has shipped and a link to track the order (only domestic orders receive tracking).

Can I order my Mail or Phone?

All orders must be placed directly through our website.

If I have a question, how can I contact you?

You bet! Simple contact us through our support page here.



How does the download order work exactly?

It’s really simple actually. Once you place your order for an MP3, you will be directed to a download page. There you can simply download the audio file to your computer or device. That’s it!

Can I play the audio files on any music player?

Yes. As long as your player supports MP3 files. When listening to binaural beats, you must use STEREO HEADPHONES. If you don’t own any, here are a few of our favorites! These are excellent for the absolute BEST sound and comfort: Grado Prestige Series | Shure SRH440 | Bose Quiet Comfort. You can also position speakers to the left and right of you if you don’t own a pair of headphones. If you are listening to Isochronic Tones, you don’t necessarily need headphones to listen, but it is highly recommended.

How good is the sound quality on your MP3's and CD's?

When you order our CD’s or MP3′s, you are getting pure, crystal clear sound quality. Our audio tracks are in 320 bitrate with very little compression to keep the overall quality the highest possible. By having such high quality, this means you can easily burn any MP3 tracks to a CD and also convert them to media player formats without the loss of quality. We give you only the very best quality. All of our sound recordings are delivered to you right away in an MP3 file than can be played easily on your iPod, personal computer, iPhone, or MP3 player of your choice.

What are binaural beats and isochronic tones anyway?

That is a great question! And it is one that can not be answered in a simple sentence. We have dedicated a free guide on the subject, plus this unique page as well. Check them both out for details!



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