How to Find Your Life Purpose in 5 Steps

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Humans are unique in this world, as we seem to be the only animals that ask ourselves “why am I here?”

And the older we get, the more preoccupied we become with finding our life purpose, if we haven’t already.

So, how do you get yourself on the path of uncovering what you were meant to be?

With so much riding on finding your life purpose, it’s easy to think it’s too hard or confusing and just put it off until it’s too late. Instead, follow these five steps and you’ll be on your way.

Rather than just thinking through the answers, actually use a piece of paper or a computer to write them down. This will allow you to contemplate them more fully, to see patterns in your thinking, and to come back to them later.

Ignore your inner critic. Many people feel like they can’t live out their life’s purpose for one reason or another. Perhaps you don’t have enough money. Maybe you’re already on a career path, and it seems impossible to change it now. When seeking your life purpose, it is best to set these feelings aside. Do these exercises as if ANYTHING was possible. What you may find is that when you hit on the right thing, you become motivated to make it happen and new opportunities seem to materialize when and where you need them most.

Ask yourself what you truly enjoy doing. If you won the lottery tomorrow, what would you do with your time and money? It’s OK to say that you would buy a nice house or sail around the world. But, look deeper at those desires to uncover what kind of passion is driving them. Do you want a nice house so that you can raise a happy family? Do you want to sail around the world because you are fascinated by other cultures?

Ask other people what you do well. You may even already know the answers. What things do people often compliment about you? For example, if you are known for your cooking, it is likely because you put a lot of love and effort into your meals. Perhaps your purpose is to bring joy to others through food.

Ask yourself who you most want to help. We don’t live in a vacuum, and even though self-care is incredibly important, most people find that their life purpose involves giving of themselves to help others. Is there a particular cause, group, or person in your life that you are passionate about helping? Again, if you were to win the lottery, who would you choose to help with your time and money?

Take a look at these three lists, and determine where they overlap. When you bring together what you enjoy, what you’re good at, and who you want to help, you are most definitely narrowing in on your life purpose. Are there words, phrases, or underlying ideas that seem to appear repeatedly? Identifying those will help you to answer your own questions about what you are meant to do with your life.

When you come across the idea that is truly right for you, you will feel it.

You will be inspired and will become driven to make it a reality. In fact, you will wonder how it ever took you this long to recognize your true life purpose. If you do these exercises and don’t feel a strong emotional pull based on what you’ve written down, it means you haven’t gone deep enough yet. Go back and try them again until you feel deep within yourself that you have uncovered your own true path.

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