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“Growthology” is an internationally trademarked name. Any use of this name in the personal sale of any of our audio CDs, MP3 files or Digital Ebooks, or any form of digital media distribution is protected under US and EC Trademark Laws. All Growthology.com content, CDs, packaging, digital files, website content, graphics and media products, along with all of the website HTML code and scripts used in the creation of our website, are protected by U.S. and International copyright laws (U.S. Code Title 17 and the Berne Convention). Any unauthorized use of our copyrighted works, products, text and images without written consent from Growthology.com is strictly prohibited by law. If we do discover the theft/redistribution of our content, copyright violations, or the illegal use of our trademarked name, we will not hesitate to take legal action and seek monetary compensation.

Personal Disclaimer
All products sold at Growthology.com are for informational purposes only, and even though they may help assist you in your personal wellness, they are NOT to be used or intended as a substitute for proper medical diagnosis and treatments. It’s important that you do NOT use our audio tracks while driving or operating heavy machinery. We also advise if you have issues with health problems such as seizures, auditory problems, or any other health issues that our audio tracks may interfere with, PLEASE consult your doctor first before using. We will not assume any personal liability for any damages caused by our products. By purchasing our products, you agree to these terms.

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